Thanks to all for your participation in the first sleep poll.

As per the first poll, close to eighty per cent poll participants could not go to sleep within 30 minutes after going to bed.


This is the second poll on the hours of sleep. How many hours of sleep do you usually get? Please share your response.


Here are some interesting facts on sleep from around the globe based on published reports -

** Do you know Buddhist monks, in general, are known to sleep for around 4-5 hours?

** Sleep habits vary across the globe between countries, and also within a country

** As per certain polls, more than half of the population in Mexico meditate, and or pray before going to bed

** Several CEOs such as US President Trump, Previous US President Obama, Mr. Dorsey, Ms. Indra Nooyi, Ms. Martha Stewart, Mr. Tim Armstrong, Mr. Tom Ford, Ms. Julie Smolyansky, Ms. Helena Morrissey in US supposedly, as per published reports, sleep around four to six hours; More about our Founding Member and Partner, Dr. Srikanth S. Kidambi's sleeping habits soon

** Again, as per some polls, Japan followed by the US are getting the least amount of sleep

** Published polls in the past also suggest more than one third in the UK sleep naked

** Spaniards supposedly get close to an hour less in sleep than rest of Europe

** Coming to the topic of appreciating homogeneity in heterogeneity, at least one quarter around the globe had work-related stress while going to bed in the past

** At the same time, sleep researchers prescribe quality sleep again and again

** There is also a general rule of thumb that recommend eight hours of sleep - Are we supposed to get exactly eight hours of sleep? We will see more on this topic soon.

How many hours sleep do you get including nap time?

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Less than 4 hours throughout the day
4 - 6 hours
6 - 8 hours
More than 8 hours
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